4sight Insights – Improving Event Performance

Expert guides and hints and tips to help exhibitors be more successful

The decision to exhibit at a trade show should come only after careful and thorough evaluation of all the key factors

And if you decide to go ahead then getting ready for a show will use a lot of resources – time and money to name but two

Which makes it imperative you set your sights high and do everything possible to achieve the best outcome

So, have you ever wondered how to get the most out of your exhibition stand project?

Ever wished someone who knows what they’re talking about would publish easy to read and follow hints and tips to give you the basics?

At 4sight Design, we put together some really useful information using our 27 years in the exhibition industry. Short, relevant, practical. Easy to read, simple to use

Every stage from deciding whether to exhibit at all through to selecting the best event

Negotiating with the Organisers to get the best space which will deliver the most visitors

We’ll tell you how to write a brilliant brief and how to select a design and build partner

You’ll get advice on how to create and follow a timeline filled with key tasks and critical deadlines

Effective communication will be key so we’ll suggest how to decide on your key messages and how best to make them easy for your valuable visitors to see, understand and remember

We’ll guide you through setting the success goals you’ll need so you can check progress and measure results

And had you thought about how to help your people to be even more successful?

Everything from briefing your team so they understand the success outcomes you want; presenting the stand design to them so they know what to expect and how it will work; how to work the stand including appearance and behaviour, self motivation, teamwork and even body language so they use every opportunity to get positive visitor interactions

How to create your pre-event communication plan to drive key visitors to the show and to your stand

And how to manage the fulfilment and follow up processes to make sure your leads get fully developed to bring you new sales and profit

Finally, how to do a post show and success performance audit to see what worked, what didn’t work so well and to establish a blueprint for future shows

Everything you need in short, easy to use sections giving you the key steps to success and a headstart on your competition

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