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Brief writing
Space negotiation
Event promotion
Defining success
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Show selection

• Which show does your target audience visit?

• Which is the main industry event?

• Is this a main event or a general industry show?

• Research with your customers, suppliers and competitors

• Where should you start?

• Working out what you need

• Shell scheme or space only

• Position and orientation

• Near competitors or not?

• Building for the future

Space negotiation

Defining success

• After the show, how will you measure success?

• What type of targets for success can you set?

• Is success only a financial measure?

• Why is defying success important?

Brief writing

Event promotion

• What do you really need?

• Company background

• How does the exhibition fit in the marketing programme?

• What is the most important message?

• Why this show at this time?

• What practical requirements do you have?

• What is your stand sales process ?

• Focus on the key messages

• Who exactly do you want to come to your stand?

• Create a strategy for before, during and after the event

• Following up - time matters

Staff training

• Make sure staff know what's expected

• Clear goals and processes

• Stand behaviour

•The sales process

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Your guide to improving event performance:

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