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Just a few questions we get asked - frequently !





   Sooner is always best. At least 6 months is usually enough time but longer for a larger or more complicated stand. Three months is not really enough time and costs can go up because of ordering deadlines

Plan well ahead - it might save you money in the end!





   We work all over the world. We have our own resources that travel and a network of trusted, quality partners who work with us to create quality stands all around the globe
























   We work on small projects and large projects. Single events and multi - location programmes

Whatever your project we can help!



   Yes of course. Tell us at the start and we'll make sure it is designed and built to last. And we can even store it for you  





    As well as being great 3D designers, here at 4sight we also design graphics. So, we can take care of the stand and the graphics for a complete package





    At 4sight Design we aim to make the project as easy for you as possible. So we can do pretty much anything you want us to do. The more we do, the less you have to do. It's up to you!





   Yes. 4sight has many years of working with clients on interior projects as well as exhibitions and events

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If you have any questions you want to ask us just get in touch through our 'contact us'  button

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Q. Will I be able to use my stand more than once?

Q. Can 4sight help with graphics?

Q. How involved do I need to be?

Q. Do you design interiors?